White frame with black plastic inset adhered to a wood backing. The tray size is 11-1/2 x 19-1/2.

Blessed Tray

SKU: T001
    • Our trays are handmade, and the entire tray is built using wood. Due to the character of wood itself, sometimes small knots, or natural imperfections are present. Although we handpick each piece of wood, we find these knots or imperfections add character, and makes each sign an original piece.
    • The background is an inset which is adhered to a piece of wood. The frames are painted white, and then sealed to protect the finish. .
    • The tray is slightly recessed in the frame so there will be no exposed back board and will allow it to sit flush. The back is sanded, but remains unpainted.
    • Each one is handmade, so the size information is approximate and could vary slightly.